Team Information
Team nameInnovaSur-CSIRT
Official team nameInnovaSur-CSIRT
Member sinceJuly 13, 2023
Host organizationInnovaciones Tecnológicas del Sur
Country of teamSpain  ES
Date of establishment2022-08-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number+34 853888050
Emergency telephone number+34 853888050
E-mail address
Postal addressC/ Sierra Morena, 12 A, Edificio CTSAII
Business Hours
Description of business hoursThe main business hour is Monday to Friday 8:00AM to 18:00PM but support and security monitoring which are 24x7.
How to contact outside business hoursFirst Representative +34 693914621
Type of ConstituencyOther commercial
Source of ConstituencyBoth external and internal
Description of ConstituencyInnovaSur CSIRT team is a commercial CSIRT, mainly focused on government organizations like municipalities or Universities (offering our service as a paid service). The CSIRT team can also work with internal security team in case of an incident.
Internet Domain
Country of ConstituencySpain  ES
Team PGP public key-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mDMEZIqu+RYJKwYBBAHaRw8BAQdAovgXZREUlzj+W9EXHC5nJP63GaDyKLEK6RSN 1cbhzsK0JUNTSVJUIElubm92YVN1ciA8Y3NpcnRAaW5ub3Zhc3VyLmNvbT6ImQQT FgoAQQIbAwULCQgHAgIiAgYVCgkICwIEFgIDAQIeBwIXgBYhBNDeJ5qagyavkaTS kqr9uw+cYYQvBQJkirDwBQkJaX9lAAoJEKr9uw+cYYQv950BAPRpxf5BRSc7Mirg 1Cf9joXcf05E0Zk4hOsvPUT9LMf2AQDvGveNhIARjKwm6Pd7B0yjAyWp/D36YEmL rcWpiqnSDrg4BGSKrvkSCisGAQQBl1UBBQEBB0BxgbI7mYuWoeERDxtqZ3qQtimD P79JJ7iZW0/FOrPFUAMBCAeIfgQYFgoAJgIbDBYhBNDeJ5qagyavkaTSkqr9uw+c YYQvBQJkirD9BQkJaX9yAAoJEKr9uw+cYYQvsRAA/1XN+1sSETQ78iKeIVq5kzdl VrU3NKWpJX7QfZ6p2M82AQD/N/6jOAbxfxE4oe2+cxpwLtx311RgPhZj5WvChdwJ DQ== =Z0cb -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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