ISL-CSIRT (Suspended)

Team Information
Team name ISL-CSIRT
Official team name Information Security Laboratory CSIRT
Member since January 27, 2022
Host organization
Country of team Russian Federation (the)  RU
Date of establishment 2014-06-20
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +7 495 723-72-75
Emergency telephone number +7 495 723-72-75
E-mail address
Other communication facilities Telegram +79262294540 Telegram +79162475421
Postal address 121353, Moscow, Belovezhskaya str, h. 39, b. 5
Business Hours
Timezone UTC +3 (Moscow time)
Description of business hours 9 - 19
How to contact outside business hours By phone number +7 495 723-72-75
Type of Constituency Other commercial
Source of Constituency External to host
Description of Constituency Acting as commercial CSIRT and Incident Response Provider we provide information security services to Russian paying customers such as banks, retail, industrial and other non-governmental entities. General services provided by ISL CSIRT are: fraud monitoring, threat management, anti-phishing and incident tracking and response services.
Internet Domain Address *.ru *.xn--p1ai *.moscow *.xn--80adxhks *.tatar *.xn--d1acj3b * * *
Country of Constituency Russian Federation (the)  RU
PGP key id 0xA354D22D8442FC24
PGP fingerprint 9348938298B094FF35970138A354D22D8442FC24
Team PGP public key 9348 9382 98B0 94FF 3597 0138 A354 D22D 8442 FC24  
Kirill <>
Updated on December 29, 2021 10:58 UTC
Expires on December 27, 2029 10:58 UTC

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