Team Information
Team nameNCSA Q-CERT
Official team nameQatar NCSA QCERT
Member sinceFebruary 19, 2007
Host organizationNational Cyber Security Agency - Qatar
Country of teamQatar  QA
Date of establishment2005-12-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number+974-16555
Emergency telephone number+974-51016555
E-mail address
Postal addressNational Cyber Security Agency PO Box 24100, Wadi Al Sail Street Doha, State of Qatar
Business Hours
Description of business hours07:00 to 16:00 Sunday to Thursday
How to contact outside business hoursFor reporting any incidents you can contact NCSA through: Emails to Or the hotline number, +974-51016555, which is available 24x7.
Type of ConstituencyISP customer base
Source of ConstituencyExternal to host
Description of ConstituencyQ-CERT's constituency includes all organizations that are authorized to use the .QA URL domain extension as well as the general population of Qatar that use the Internet.
Internet Domain AddressQTEL is the only ISP in Qatar. The range of addresses assigned to QTEL is through (registered in RIPE).
Country of ConstituencyQatar  QA
PGP key id0xBF6B1C56B8C3F9B8
PGP fingerprint02FC2AB2ABD254B64146AE0CBF6B1C56B8C3F9B8
Team PGP public key-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mDMEZmk4WhYJKwYBBAHaRw8BAQdAci7YVAzO+YKddjvrGTecnqlouekfY4JdPlEp KXb1ERO0Gk5DU0EgUWEgPG5jc2FAbmNzYS5nb3YucWE+iJkEExYKAEEWIQQC/Cqy q9JUtkFGrgy/axxWuMP5uAUCZmk4WgIbAwUJA8KSNgULCQgHAgIiAgYVCgkICwIE FgIDAQIeBwIXgAAKCRC/axxWuMP5uDltAQD14wiVCvZZpcRXR9J1znpiIUC311h8 0uoZtyLwwfzlwwD/auqpRmig7CDaUHcxSTOoYmoB71NSGZ+woCB1ZMPA/w64OARm aThaEgorBgEEAZdVAQUBAQdAmeB7Bv/tS5Ya/PpFzoccdTyD2L5fjbEdTOVciCdg bl4DAQgHiH4EGBYKACYWIQQC/Cqyq9JUtkFGrgy/axxWuMP5uAUCZmk4WgIbDAUJ A8KSNgAKCRC/axxWuMP5uOZFAQDEQvnLkRLS5sck6i5y9MUhP5iTOFmC6+5tH9zc 8MuTUAD6Az1zwtrnhcZiqk5ToaedbgNrxJyhvB+AKTeSnuy/IQE= =depf -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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