Team Information
Official team nameNational Cyber Security Centre Switzerland
Member sinceJanuary 1, 2010
Host organizationFederal Department of Finance FDF
Country of teamSwitzerland  CH
Date of establishment2008-04-01
Team Contact Information
E-mail address
Postal addressFederal Department of Finance FDF General Secretary GS National Cyber Security Centre NCSC Schwarztorstrasse 59 3003 Bern (Switzerland)
Business Hours
Description of business hours08.00 – 18.00 (GMT +1)
How to contact outside business
Type of ConstituencyGovernment, Private and Public sectors
Description of ConstituencyNCSC is the single point of contact for every citizen and company wishing to inform the federal authorities about cyber threats, cyber attacks and cyber incidents. NCSC unifies under its roof the already existing organization MELANI (critical infrastructure protection) and MELANI’s technical department (malware analysis, reverse engineering etc.).
Internet Domain and all IP address space technically located in Switzerland
Country of ConstituencySwitzerland  CH

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