Team Information
Team name NCSC-FI
Official team name National Cyber Security Centre Finland
Member since April 1, 2005
Host organization Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (TRAFICOM)
Country of team Finland  FI
Other countries of team Åland Islands  AX
Date of establishment 2002-01-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +358295390230
E-mail address
Other communication facilities Videoconferencing facility available on short request during office hours
Postal address TRAFICOM / NCSC-FI P.O.Box 313 FI-00059 TRAFICOM Finland
Business Hours
Timezone GMT+2
Description of business hours Mon-Fri 0800-1615 EET
How to contact outside business hours NCSC-FI 24h on-call number available on request for trusted partners and constituency E-mail to is read infrequently.
Type of Constituency Government, Private and Public sectors
Source of Constituency External to host
Description of Constituency NCSC-FI provides its services to the whole country of Finland, with emphasis on telecommunications network operators, service providers and critical infrastructure
Internet Domain Address .fi / .ax and all other subdomains that are technically located in Finland. All IP address space technically located in Finland
Country of Constituency Finland, Åland Islands  FI  AX
PGP key id 0xCB2D0A4246CF1DF4
PGP fingerprint F62C95887F4A535B2BD678C8CB2D0A4246CF1DF4
Team PGP public key F62C 9588 7F4A 535B 2BD6 78C8 CB2D 0A42 46CF 1DF4  
NCSC-FI Incident Response (2020) <>
NCSC-FI Incident Response (2020) <>
NCSC-FI Incident Response (2020) <>
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