Team Information
Team name NCSC-NL
Official team name National Cyber Security Centre of The Netherlands
Member since December 31, 2002
Host organization Ministry of Justice and Security
Country of team Netherlands (the)  NL
Date of establishment 2002-06-05
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +31-70-751-5555
Emergency telephone number +31-70-751-5555
E-mail address
Postal address National Cyber Security Centre PO Box 22001 2500 EA Den Haag Netherlands
Business Hours
Timezone UTC+0100
Type of Constituency Government, Private and Public sectors
Description of Constituency Governmental Institutions and the Critical Infrastructure of The Netherlands
Internet Domain Address
Country of Constituency Netherlands (the)  NL
PGP key id 0x1CA95AAC3F662B80
PGP fingerprint 486EF5E382B55BCA1C66A9231CA95AAC3F662B80
Team PGP public key 486E F5E3 82B5 5BCA 1C66 A923 1CA9 5AAC 3F66 2B80  
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