Team Information
Team name NCSC-NO
Official team name National Cyber Security Centre in Norway
Member since May 1, 2005
Host organization Norwegian National Security Authority
Country of team Norway  NO
Date of establishment 2004-02-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +47-23-31-07-50
Emergency telephone number +47-23-31-07-50
E-mail address
Facsimile number +47-23-09-25-88
Other communication facilities Emergencies and incident handling, please use email:
Postal address NSM NCSC Postboks 814 N-1306 Sandvika
Business Hours
Timezone GMT+1
Description of business hours 07:00-22:00 weekdays
How to contact outside business hours Round the clock on-call and monitoring.
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency Organisations with critical national infrastructure and information
Internet Domain Address Specified sites within the .no domain and other IP addresses used by organisations belonging to the Norwegian government and critical national infrastructure organisations.
Country of Constituency Norway  NO
PGP key id 0x3FEB367482588811
PGP fingerprint 216C1DA6FB7491C71268FCD03FEB367482588811
Team PGP public key 216C 1DA6 FB74 91C7 1268 FCD0 3FEB 3674 8258 8811  
NorCERT (Incidents) <>
NorCERT (VDI) <>
NorCERT (Incidents) <>
NorCERT (Contact) <>
NorCERT (Obsolete, use instead) <>
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