Team Information
Official team name National ChungShan Institute of Science and Technology - Computer Security Incident Response Team
Member since July 24, 2020
Host organization National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology - Information Security Center
Country of team Taiwan (Province of China)  TW
Date of establishment 2020-01-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +88634712201 #354856
Emergency telephone number +88634712201 #358419
E-mail address
Facsimile number +88634713363
Postal address No. 481, Sec. Jia’an, Zhongzheng Rd., Longtan Dist., Taoyuan City 325, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Business Hours
Timezone UTC+0800
Description of business hours Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 17:00
How to contact outside business hours Send Email to
Type of Constituency ICT vendor customer base
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency NCSIST's employee, Ministry Of National Defense and companies in defense industry
Internet Domain Address
Country of Constituency Taiwan (Province of China)  TW
PGP key id 0x76CB1BF6F37EE465
PGP fingerprint 2E31DA8C6EC564FA9050D6E176CB1BF6F37EE465
Team PGP public key -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mDMEYjgYfxYJKwYBBAHaRw8BAQdA/m+svJPDNn8AzZuctuBNQYk0pdXU9AfCOch1 GAgrO0m0K05DU0lTVC1DU0lSVCA8aWNyZC5jc2lydEBpY3JkLWNzaXJ0Lm9yZy50 dz6ImgQTFgoAQhYhBC4x2oxuxWT6kFDW4XbLG/bzfuRlBQJiOBh/AhsDBQkSz9dB BQsJCAcCAyICAQYVCgkICwIEFgIDAQIeBwIXgAAKCRB2yxv2837kZZRYAP4hfwmd M+X+T1kgI04y6uuDvbpSDZo6Kp9s9SIp3+6EkAEA9U8+srC2Xw18y4YyBd0uc7KD 0IenBbf3FQTFseLPSgS4OARiOBh/EgorBgEEAZdVAQUBAQdAn6K4xAzdgNY8967j F/TewRfTBRMY/vc6T3CopI4sCkwDAQgHiH4EGBYKACYWIQQuMdqMbsVk+pBQ1uF2 yxv2837kZQUCYjgYfwIbDAUJEs/XQQAKCRB2yxv2837kZfp0APkBVxcawbTYJALY SVBInyTI6sRi5CmoUYALOOj22HdM5wEAveaBOQl5KXUgWBlUr2ej7UaGsmjsLfM2 VpKRoYgEPw8= =HIAn -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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