Team Information
Team name OCERT
Official team name Oman National CERT
Member since March 22, 2010
Host organization ITA (Information Technology Authority)
Country of team Oman  OM
Date of establishment 2009-12-05
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +968-24-166-828
Emergency telephone number +968-98099924
E-mail address
Facsimile number +968-24-166-818
Postal address P.O. Box – 1807 PC 130, Al Athaiba Sultanate of Oman (Attention to Oman National CERT)
Business Hours
Timezone GMT+4
Description of business hours All employees of O-CERT are expected to work on normal business hours 7:30 am to 3:30 pm Muscat timing
How to contact outside business hours Through first Representative Badar al.salehi
Type of Constituency Government, Private and Public sectors
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency • Sultanate of Oman ICT organization • Sultanate of Oman Government sector • Public internet user with sultanate boarders
PGP key id 0x19E72D0225897104
PGP fingerprint 5877A373DBFF3CEABAECBBB119E72D0225897104
Team PGP public key -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQENBFNGJBABCADmlK5fZSP36xGTAjdFQsshnUOSADwUfnexZBLFIkYvrQXkryrX LOmrqP6QXD88natQ+w6RAtxVKFMU26DEJ22sCrGgxdOmrPtunhPIVvvPG/LGMye+ tNdmmbYV+oSTU1j+DDH2xJ9VcyjxK5mj4JanVNyhaQGmvV/xX4I37espf9wJJUCz GkVioF7x2a0KA+wE0bSDcs9OQb/vpfMvmJvVbbDdRHxtmRNV0oeaPY6cP6PaXVv9 d+BUWeDHtaTCreYfayuY1gmjD0UQZLMp12ygYhs/asFyKdAtDXz9Ghx+rIuJt4r1 sCiMIqsz2Iid9xGlZ+g5lTRQqlBDoVSsZ2iLABEBAAG0ME9tYW4gTmF0aW9uYWwg Q0VSVCAoT0NFUlQpIDxvY2VydDk5OUBpdGEuZ292Lm9tPokBOQQTAQIAIwUCU0Yk EAIbDwcLCQgHAwIBBhUIAgkKCwQWAgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEBnnLQIliXEEZegH/jY6 Z5sYj+sCma2UDCOxoew6xVYhyiPuaxMjpgKXO7ny9yoX6Gnp33TXchzklc18qVx7 rPcFDrhtZIe2OiOo7UVGrHWcAz6RO+FdfxezWoWI7HuAf4DILLqguHc4pTWrJZmB IUqK720ddRp2hrLGcUDL1Z1v1AuBRVwTR+8K9Nv67nFFR3Pma3VAyPkE70Dlo5FS 8QLXG2oonaXQ86hCbrIY5xnJeke9KvY5fUjRAjX69pFEEhkWLdzKpeUaBYbn4W8R ejMTCdvHKp7ZJE9zaB4bzdyQJk+hcCB6eCxt5Is0WCaiiKe/ND/z0f/4ajJvQdIl YSp4wAGAChO42htBhLk= =nB6a -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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