Team Information
Team name R-IT CSIRT
Official team name Raiffeisen Informatik CSIRT
Member since October 1, 2009
Host organization Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH & Co KG
Country of team Austria  AT
Date of establishment 2008-01-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +43-1-99399-2555
Emergency telephone number +43-1-99399-2555
E-mail address
Facsimile number +43-1-99399-2501
Postal address Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH & Co KG Security Competence Center Zwettl 3910 Zwettl Landstrasse 26 Austria, Lower Austria
Business Hours
Timezone GMT+0100
Description of business hours Mon-Fri 8:00-16:00
How to contact outside business hours +43-1-99399-2555
Type of Constituency Financial sector
Description of Constituency The constituency are the employees of the specialist divisions and costumers of Raiffeisen Informatik
Internet Domain Address raiffeiseninformatik.at r-it.at AS24864
Country of Constituency Austria  AT
PGP key id 0x39224980DB614BD3
PGP fingerprint C1D04219CD8CA1E10D4349F939224980DB614BD3
Team PGP public key C1D0 4219 CD8C A1E1 0D43 49F9 3922 4980 DB61 4BD3  
R-IT CERT <cert@r-it.at>
Updated on January 8, 2015 16:50 UTC

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