Team Information
Team name S-SIRT
Official team name Spark Security Incident Response Team
Member since December 2, 2014
Host organization Spark New Zealand Ltd
Country of team New Zealand  NZ
Date of establishment 2008-07-01
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +64-9-302-7996
Emergency telephone number +64-27-279-9773
E-mail address
Postal address Level 8, Mayoral Drive Building, Spark New Zealand, 31 Airedale Street, Auckland, New Zealand
Business Hours
Description of business hours Mon-Fri 8-5
How to contact outside business hours Same as business hours contact. Via +64 9 302 7996 or +64 27 279 9773
Source of Constituency Internal to host
Description of Constituency S-SIRT provides information and assistance to Spark New Zealand and its subsidiaries in implementing proactive measures to reduce the risks of computer security incidents as well as responding to such incidents when they occur.
Internet Domain Address spark.co.nz
Country of Constituency New Zealand  NZ

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