Team Information
Team name SOC-BD
Official team name Dutch Tax and Customs Administration SOC
Member since March 21, 2024
Host organization Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
Country of team Netherlands (the)  NL
Date of establishment 2013-01-06
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +31881561448
Emergency telephone number +31881560200
E-mail address
Facsimile number N.A.
Other communication facilities N.A.
Postal address Laan van Westenenk 490, 7334 DS Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Business Hours
Timezone Europe/Amsterdam
Description of business hours Business hours are from 7am until 6pm CET
How to contact outside business hours Via the emergeny telephone number
Type of Constituency Government & military
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency The Tax and Customs Administration is responsible for collecting and paying taxes in the Netherlands. In addition, the SOC provides incident response services to Customs, Benefits and FIOD departments. The Toeslagen department is responsible for the payment of benefits. The FIOD is the Fiscal Investigation Service of the Netherlands.
Internet Domain Address,,,, , 2a04:9a01:1000::/36, 2a02:a08::/32
Country of Constituency Netherlands (the)  NL

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