Team Information
Official team nameSOC CSIRT CELSIA
Member sinceMarch 20, 2023
Host organizationCelsia
Country of teamColombia  CO
Other countries of teamCosta Rica, Honduras, Panama  CR  HN  PA
Date of establishment2021-10-08
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number+6023210441
Emergency telephone number+57 310 2458749
E-mail address
Business Hours
Description of business hours7X24
Type of ConstituencyIndustrial sector
Source of ConstituencyInternal to host
Description of Constituency3.1. Mission:Protect and ensure the continuity of the services offered by CELSIA, managing cybersecurity events and incidents in an agile and reliable manner, and preventing their future occurrence.The object of CELSIA SOC is the protection of the organization's critical cyber assets against security incidents that may affect the operation of the organization's business processes. 3.2 Vision:To be the benchmark cybersecurity operations center in the Colombian electricity sector,being agile and reliable in protecting CELSIA's critical cyber assets against cyber-attacks on the operation's technology. 3.3Users’ community:CELSIA is the energy company of Grupo Argos with an innovative energy portfolio for Cities, Companies and Homes; and it has presence in Colombia, Honduras, Panama, and Costa Rica. The service provided by CELSIA SOC is transversal to the entire company, including all Operation Technology (OT) and those Information Technology (IT) assets and services necessary for busin
Country of ConstituencyColombia  CO
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