Team Information
Team name UNICC
Official team name United Nations International Computing Centre
Member since June 20, 2018
Host organization United Nations
Country of team United States of America (the)  US
Other countries of team Spain, Switzerland  ES  CH
Team Contact Information
E-mail address
Type of Constituency Government, Private and Public sectors
Source of Constituency Both external and internal
Description of Constituency ICC is a shared service provider providing IT services to close to 50 UN and international organizations. ICC has extensive experience and knowledge in delivering shared services. With its current business model, ICC is responsible for supporting a vast number of IT services, that also have and information security component. Additionally, ICC is also providing Shared Cyber Security Services to its Partner Organizations and these services are primarily focusing on improving the cyber security posture of ICC’s Partner Organizations. Therefore, ISIRT comprises of two teams. These teams have clear mandates and are focused to serve two unique audiences.
PGP key id 0x45FB539DB897A408
PGP fingerprint A769043304B379DFA2A586D345FB539DB897A408
Team PGP public key A769 0433 04B3 79DF A2A5 86D3 45FB 539D B897 A408  
Common Secure <commonsecure@unicc.org>
Updated on January 26, 2021 20:31 UTC
Expired on January 26, 2022 17:00 UTC
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