Team Information
Team name VeriSign
Official team name Verisign
Country of team United States of America (the)  US
Team Contact Information
Regular telephone number +1-703-948-3468
Emergency telephone number +1-571-243-6860
E-mail address
Postal address VeriSign CERT 12061 Bluemont Way Reston, VA 20190
Business Hours
Timezone UTC-0500
Description of Constituency Security Services, DNS, and PKI Clients
PGP key id 0x832B468BFB9DF2EA
PGP fingerprint DE184B4CE4E269060D3CE759832B468BFB9DF2EA
Team PGP public key DE18 4B4C E4E2 6906 0D3C E759 832B 468B FB9D F2EA  
VeriSign FIRST Team <>
Updated on September 5, 2007 18:36 UTC

Team contact information provided for Incident Response purposes only. FIRST strictly prohibits the use of contact information for solicitation or marketing.

FIRST follows the ISO 3166-1 standard for country code and name listings.