2022 Call for Nominations for the FIRST Board of Directors

Each year, the FIRST membership elects five individuals to the FIRST board of directors.

Serving on the board of directors is an exciting opportunity to develop your personal and professional life. But it is also challenging work and requires diverse skills and a consistent commitment in terms of time and effort.

We are seeking volunteers that are passionate about FIRST with commitment and integrity, that excel working in teams and in management functions, take responsibility for their actions, can think strategically, and help both advance and professionalize FIRST. You will need to communicate well and be fluent in English and are expected to devote 5+ hours weekly. As a member of the Board, you take on responsibility for the whole organization and its well-being. As FIRST is increasingly recognized as an expert organization on incident response by third parties you will represent the organization internally and publicly within the security and wider community.

See the Requirements for FIRST Board of Directors members for more details about serving as a FIRST member of the Board of Directors.