Suguru Yamaguchi Fellowship Program

The Suguru Yamaguchi fellowship program is an initiative that supports teams with national coordination responsibilities to be part of the FIRST community. The board has been looking at how we can increase the support to teams in this program - through mentorship and other avenues.

The board has accepted 2 new teams into the program. The successful teams are:

CIRT-BS (Bahamas)

The constituency consists of both the public and private sectors within The Bahamas, as stated in the country’s National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS). CIRT-BS’ constituency is composed mainly of government institutions, sectors (private and public)and identified national critical infrastructure. CIRT-BS is responsible for developing and maintaining proper security awareness of all Bahamian digital citizens. In addition, CIRT-BS aims to ensure adequate collaboration and information sharing between the public and private sectors to enhance our overall national cybersecurity posture.

NCSIRT.MZ (Mozambique)

The National Cybersecurity Incident Response team are responsible for receiving, analyzing and coordinating the resolution and response to cybersecurity incidents in Mozambique, acting as a CSIRT of last resort. The nCSIRT.Mz is also responsible for ensuring the protection of critical ICT infrastructures, promoting awareness and training on cybersecurity as well as serving as a contact link with international CSIRTs.

We’re looking forward to working with these teams and helping them into the FIRST community.

Published on FIRST POST: May-Jun 2023