PGP Encryption at FIRST

FIRST uses Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption for cryptographic privacy in communications with members. And in order to provide open channels in which the members can also encrypt messages to FIRST Secretariat, Board Members and other Teams, FIRST makes available the public keys in the public and members' only websites:

FIRST Secretariat public PGP key

Private messages can be sent to the FIRST Secretariat using it's public PGP key:

FIRST Secretariat Public PGP Key
Key ID: 0x7E5C0266EB2F4C1A
Fingerprint: BB4E 4923 AE90 9AD9 938E 3771 7E5C 0266 EB2F 4C1A

FIRST Board, Teams and Members public PGP keys

These keys are available for FIRST Members only. FIRST Members have access to other Members' and Teams' public PGP key. FIRST Members will require their X.509 Certificate to access these keys, available individually or in a complete PGP block.

FIRST Quarterly PGP key

These keys are available for FIRST Team Representatives and Liaisons only. Each Quarter, FIRST publishes a PGP key pair to the FIRST Member community. The private and public keys are distributed to each Team representative.

In normal circumstances, FIRST recommends teams to communicate using their own PGP keys. However, in emergency circumstances, teams may have a need to rapidly disseminate information to all teams, without having access to the public PGP keys of each.

The keys are only disclosed to team representatives, who are responsible for safe distribution of the private key within their respective teams. The FIRST Quarterly Secure Communications Key is not intended for dissemination outside of FIRST Teams.