Travel Information

Reaching Amsterdam

The meeting place is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) is a main hub and thus easily reachable from all over the world. From the airport by far the most convenient way towards your hotel is by train to downtown Amsterdam. The trainstation "Schiphol" is integrated in the airport. Up to 7 times an hour trains leave for "Amsterdam CS" (Central Station). Tickets can be obtained from the yellow vending machines near the staircases leading down to the tracks (do not buy your ticket on the train - high fines!). As there are several destinations, and Amsterdam itself has more railway stations, please check the overhead display on the train platform to see if your train goes to Amsterdam Central Station.

If you come by international train, your destination will simply be Amsterdam Central Station.

In case you decide to come by car, be aware of the high public parking tariffs in town. You are advised to consult your hotel.

Making your way from Schiphol to the city


Taxis are located directly outside the main exit of the airport. They cost approx. 45-50 Euro to get you into the city which takes about 20-25 minutes.


Entry to the train station is located in the main plaza of the airport (, under "Airport Facilities" check the "Trains" tab).

Purchase a ticket before you get down to the train platform from either the yellow ticket machines near the platforms at Schiphol Plaza or from the ticket offices, which are situated close to the red/white-checked cube at Schiphol Plaza. Staff at the ticket offices will also be able to provide you with train departure information.

You can also purchase your train ticket well in advance? You can either buy one from a ticket machine or ask for a ticket without a date at one of the NS-service desks in the main entrance hall of the airport. It is possible to do so for both the outward and return journey. All you have to do on the day of travel is stamp your ticket at a machine on one of the platforms.

Hotel Transportation

Most of the larger hotels provide a courtesy shuttle service, you should check with your hotel:

How to get to Cisco Systems

By Taxi

To order a taxi call 020-7777777, from the city it takes around 20-25 minutes to get to the office.

By Train

The simplest way of getting around is to purchase a GVB card which will allow you to travel on all public transport within the city. These are the most economical way of getting about. The cost of the travel cards is dependent on the duration you purchase:

Days/hoursFares 2013
1 day - 24 hours€ 7.50
2 days - 48 hours€ 12.00
3 days - 72 hours€ 16.50
4 days - 96 hours€ 21.00

Days/hoursFares 20131 day - 24 hours€ 7.502 days - 48 hours€ 12.003 days - 72 hours€ 16.504 days - 96 hours€ 21.00**The cards can be purchased from:** - Driver and conductor (only the day card - 24 hours) - Ticket Vending Machines at metro stations (24 to 96 hours) - VVV offices (limited selection) - Various hotels, camp sites and other organizations (limited selection) - GWK offices in Amsterdam and at Schiphol (limited selection) - From “**Centraal Station**” take the yellow metro line number 54 to “**Bullewijk**”. ( 11 stops) ![Centraal Station to Bullewijk](/_/e/amsterdam2013//centraal-bullewijk.jpg "Centraal Station to Bullewijk") - Once at **Bullewijk** station it’s just a few minutes’ walk to get to the Cisco campus. ![Bullewijk to Cisco Campus](/_/e/amsterdam2013//bullewijk-cisco.jpg "Bullewijk to Cisco Campus")