Amsterdam 2014 FIRST Technical Colloquium

Amsterdam (NL), 7 – 8 April, 2014

FIRST Technical Colloquia & Symposia provide a discussion forum for FIRST member teams and invited guests to share information about vulnerabilities, incidents, tools and all other issues that affect the operation of incident response and security teams.

For you that are new in FIRST or never have attended a TC&S, the colloquium typically provides one whole day of plenary sessions for informal discussions and presentations on topics of FIRST membership interest, or that are more sensitive in nature and related to the day-to-day work of participants.

The FIRST colloquia are typically hosted by members and since 2005 are being organized in a regional basis - the current regions being Latin-America, North-America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For each region the goal is to organize one TC per year - either standing on its own, or jointly with regional CSIRT initiatives.


  • There is no cost to attend the TC
  • Coffee and tea will be provided by the host.
  • Lunch is not included. Attendees will have access to a cafeteria onsite during the lunch break.
  • Guest wireless access will be provided to attendees
  • Wireless registration instructions will be provided onsite.
  • Registration is open to members and non-members.
  • Questions to


The event will be held at the Cisco Campus, located at:

Haarlerbergpark, Haarlerbergweg 13-19
1101 CH Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20 357 1000
Amsterdam 2014 FIRST Technical Colloquium

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Amsterdam 2014 FIRST Technical Colloquium