Daejeon 2019 FIRST Technical Colloquium

  • Daejeon 2019 FIRST Technical Colloquium, South Korea (KR)

Daejeon 2019 FIRST Technical Colloquium

Daejeon (KR), February 27th, 2019

Hosted by APNIC and supported by APCERT and KRCERT/CC

This event is held in as part of the of the APRICOT 2019 Conference in Daejeon, South Korea.

Call for Speakers

FIRST is looking for speakers that would like to present at this Technical Colloquium. This is a great opportunity to contribute to the FIRST community and outreach to other communities.

Any novel ideas, techniques, case studies, or research related to incident and threat response are welcome. Some suggested topics are as follows:

For your submission, please provide the following information:

Submission Deadline: February 7th 2019

Travel and Accommodation Support

Kindly note that we are not able to provide travel or accommodation support for speakers.

TC Attendance

Attendees of APRICOT 2019 will be able to attend the FIRST-TC session. More information about the conference here. https://2019.apricot.net/ . TC Speakers will also be required to register for APRICOT 2019.


The event will be held at the Daejeon Convention Centre, located at:

107 EXPO_ro ,Doryong-dong,
Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
South Korea

Daejeon 2019 FIRST Technical Colloquium

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Travel & Hotel Information

Please visit the APRICOT 2019 Conference website for details.