Kyiv 2018 UNDP/FIRST Technical Colloquium

  • Kyiv 2018 UNDP/FIRST Technical Colloquium, Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv 2018 UNDP/FIRST Technical Colloquium

Kyiv (UA), October 9th-11th, 2018

The fourth annual Cybersecurity for Developing Nations Conference and Technical Colloquium is one of the premier conferences in the world of international development. Sponsored by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Forum of Incident Response Teams (FIRST), the conference provides an open forum for decision makers, policy development practitioners and technical professionals in government, academia, private industry and NGOs to discuss their ideas for improving cybersecurity and resiliency for critical national infrastructure in developing nations.

As cybersecurity practitioners of UNDP we consider incident response (IR) one of the critical cybersecurity capabilities for every entity in the public or private sector. Our conference starts with the first day of inspirational talks and technical presentations followed by the two days of training on how to build capacity in the critical skills of cyber-incident response, create and operate an IR team. This year we focus our efforts on attracting women into cybersecurity in general and IR in particular. Diversity and gender balance tend to produce rather creative solutions to complex problems and we hope cybersecurity field is not an exception. On the first day of the conference our renowned female speakers from the industry will share their stories of success in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), cybersecurity and data privacy.

To get the maximum benefit from the attendance, the relevant audience for our event should have some introductory understanding of ICT. Since participation in our conference is free and number of seats is limited, preference would be given to female participants of the following categories: students and professors from computer and engineering departments as well as ICT professionals from the government, private sector, academia or NGOs.

Participants of the technical colloquium will receive 2 days of training in cyber-incident response along with the training materials, which they can then use to improve the cyber-response capabilities in their home countries. The event will take place October 9-11 in beautiful Kyiv, Ukraine.

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