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Canary Islands Quick Facts

Time Zone
The Canary Islands is located within the Western European Time Zone (UTC/GMT +00:00)

Electric current in the Canary Islands is 220v AC and uses the standard European, two pin sockets.

Spanish is the official language of the Canary Islands.

The legal tender in the Canary Islands is the Euro.  For the latest exchange rates, please visit

ATMS & Credit Cards
Multilingual ATMS can be found at one of the Canary Islands many banks. All major credit cards are widely accepted. Smaller and local restaurants may only accept cash.

Area Code
The country code for the Canary Islands is 34.

In January, the average high temperature is 64°F (18°C) and an average low of 59°F (15°C).

Service is always included in your bill in restaurants but an extra tip is often expected. 10-15% additional of the bill total is common in most tourist restaurants. In local bars, restaurants and cafes small change and rounding the bill up is acceptable for tipping. The same applies for taxis. For porters, €1 is acceptable.

Police and Ambulance: 112

Travel Tips

The Red #12 bus stops every 9 min about a block and a half from the AC Iberia and the Hotel Parque and drops off about 2 blocks from the University building. Total trip time 20 min.

The Blue #2 or Yellow #25 busses stop every 8 min about a block and a half from the Santa Catalina Hotel and drops off about 1 block from the University building. Total trip time 27 min.