Travelling to Rio de Janeiro

About Brazil

Located in South America, covering most of the continent, Brazil has an area of almost 8.5 million square kilometers, 8.4 on the continent. It is 4,700 Km long and is located between latitude 4ºN and 34ºS. With its 7,500 Km of coastline and one of the biggest rain forests in the world, Brasil has a nice tropical to temperate climate. Rio de Janeiro is located in the southeast region, near the Atlantic Ocean between the mountains and beautiful beaches.

Getting to Rio de Janeiro

By Plane

All international flights to Rio de Janeiro arrive at Rio de Janeiro International Airport ("Galeão - Antonio Carlos Jobim"), which is located 20km away from downtown. The event organizer will offer a shuttle service to FIRST members at a special price of 7 USD (approximately). You need to inform beforehand the time of arrival of your flight

You can also reach the event hotel by taxi. There are taxis and chauffeur-driven rented cars at 42 USD (approximately) in one of the following Taxi companies:

Maps and directions

We are providing a Google Earth KMZ file with points of interest near the event hotel in Rio de Janeiro, including hotels and sightseeing places. Feel free on downloading it to better assess the real distances between all of these locations.

Although Google Earth does not provide as much information as for other countries, the Google Earth Community layer includes other relevant locations.

You can also find more detail information on Rio de Janeiro and Brazil at the web pages below:

Visas & Letters of Invitation

If you need to apply for a visa, please do so well in advance of your journey. Please check here the countries that require a Visa to enter Brazil.

Participants requiring an official letter of invitation for visa process, please contact the Brazilian Research and Academic Network Secretariat , and provide your full name, organization, complete mailing address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address.