Sunday Volunteer Led Activities

Volunteers have offered to lead some local activities on Sunday, 4 Feb. If you are interested please contact them at and plan to meet at the Steigenberger Hotel prior to the start times listed below. These activities are not part of the official event - so additional fees and participation is at your own responsibility.

  1. Historic city walking tour — meet at 14:00 PM (duration ~2 hours)
    Walking tour to some historical places of interest around the city centre.

  2. Visit to Miniatur Wunderland — meet at 14:30 PM (duration ~3.5hours) - Limited to 28 ppl
    Visit the largest model railway in the world ( Cost is 15 Euro cash.

  3. Photo walking tour — meet at 15:00 PM (duration TBD)
    Scenic walking tour for photography fans around the city centre and the Plaza of the Elbphilharmonie, which is 37 m up and offers very photogenic views. Bring gloves and light, stable camera tripods for the darker winter lighting and evening pictures.

  4. Ice skating — meet at 15:30 PM (duration ~3 hours) — weather permitting
    Eisarena Hamburg (, an openair ice skating rink 1 km from the hotel. Entrance fee is 5,50 Euro, rental fee for ice skates is 5 Euro for 2,5 hours (cash only!). You will need a photo ID as deposit for the skates and gloves are mandatory on the ice (warm dress recommended).

Additional activity (no need to email/reserve):