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The Latvia Republic lies in the GMT +2 time zone, usually referred to as Eastern European Time(EET). For more detailed information, please visit:


The Latvia currency is still Latvian Lat (LVL).

The official exchange rate is available at

The exchange has been around LVL 0,4-0,5 to the US Dollar during the year of 2008.


Arriving in Riga is fairly simple. The bus and train stations are located right on the edge of Old Riga and the airport is only a short cab or bus ride away.

If you decided to travel by plane, then you can use services of airBaltic. Our national air operator provides very reasonable prices to 47 direct flights to and from Riga and 20 from Vilnius.

Distance from the airport to the centre of Riga is 13 km. You can use a shuttle bus service - Airport Express: EUR 5 (LVL 3). Journey from Riga Airport to city centre takes approximately 20 minutes. You can hire a taxi: 10 - 15 LVL (1 Latvian Lat equals 0.702 Euros), time of a taxi-ride 15 - 20 minutes. You can go by bus: 0,40 LVL, the approximate time of a bus-ride 40 minutes, departs every 15 - 30 minutes. (Bus service - choose bus lines 22, 22A).

You can travel by bus or by car as well. In this case it can take more of your time to arrive, but then you will have a wonderful opportunity to get some idea not only about the biggest Latvian towns and cultural sights, but also about Latvian nature and its landscapes.

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