Call for Speakers

2021 FIRST CTI SIG Summit

This is a call for submissions for the 2021 FIRST Cyber Threat Intelligence SIG Summit on the 19-21 April 2021.

The submission deadline is March 31.

This event is organized via the Cyber Threat Intelligence Special Interest Group (CTI-SIG) with the assistance of the FIRST events team, providing an opportunity for an online event prior to the FIRST annual conference.


The organizers are seeking submissions that explore both practical and real-world use of cyber threat intelligence, in addition to topics that explore new ideas and concepts. We are looking to organize the content under three themes which will be divided up over the three day event.

We welcome submissions at all levels of detail for practitioners, including Strategic, Operational, and Tactical focus.

Format for the Event

The online event will be held over three half days - 14:00-18:00 UTC, for 3-4 hours - which is the later part of the day for Europe and the early part of the day for the Americas.

The event will be held online and hosted by FIRST. All talks will be pre-recorded, which will allow for content to be delivered more efficiently.

Live Q&A will take place after each talk. Additionally, a Slack channel will be setup for each talk that will be attended live by the presenter, so people may ask questions in real time. Talks will be streamed at a particular time-slot to encourage people attending them at the same time, and to keep the conference spirit. However, they will also be posted to the specific Slack channel for posterity afterwards.

To fit with the format and the more direct delivery style, we are seeking presentations that are 20 minutes and 40 minutes in length excluding Q&A.

In addition to the regular talks, we are seeking short pre-recorded war stories of 5-7 minutes each.

Submissions and Point of Contact

Submit your proposal here.

To register your interest, please submit a description of your talk and include:

If you have outline slides, papers, or materials ready, please include them within the submission form.

Submissions themselves, or questions about submission topics or sensitivity issues can be sent via email to the chairs of the Program Committee:


The committee is encouraging a wide range of submissions. Given the short timeframe, the more prepared your content is earlier in the process, the higher the likelihood it will be accepted.