FIRST Impressions Podcast 2023

In this episode, the FIRST Podcasters interview Peter Lowe, co-chair of the DNS Abuse Special Interest Group (DNS SIG). SIG member turned chair, Peter was also appointed as FIRST’s DNS Abuse “Ambassador” and has been tasked with representing the Forum within the DNS space. Peter chats about how DNS has become a hot topic in the public consciousness. He also explains why the SIG is trying to better define DNS Abuse from the point of view of incident responders and security teams. The SIG is creating a model for DNS stakeholders which will classify the different kinds of DNS Abuse and lists who can help with mitigation, prevention, and detection. Peter also touches on the future goals of the SIG and how to become a member.

In this episode, the FIRST Podcasters interview James Chappell and Krassimir Tzvetanov, co-chairs of FIRST’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Special Interest Group (CTI SIG). Along with a third co-chair, Adrian Hendrik, this group focuses on creating best practices and CTI training materials. With the goal of education, the SIG focuses on creating a common body of Cyber Threat knowledge and terms. Filling the gaps with thoughtful curriculum and organizing presentations, the SIG hopes to be a guiding light in the often difficult to navigate Cyber Threat Intelligence landscape. Interested parties are encouraged to join these efforts by applying for SIG membership at: The SIG also manages a CTI news mailing list, to join simply send an email to cti-sig-news-subscribe [at]

In this episode, the FIRST Podcasters interview Désirée Sacher-Boldewin who joined the FIRST Board of Directors in June 2022. Désirée has also taken on the role of co-coordinator for FIRST’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The SIGs cover a variety of topics with efforts to create new standards, map existing protocols, and make best security practices accessible to all. In 2023, the FIRST Impressions Podcast will highlight several SIGs to spotlight their achievements and aspirations. In this episode, Désirée touches on FIRST’s infrastructure improvements and shares her excitement to have her new position to spearhead future endeavors.