Newsletters 2022

Traffic Light Protocol Version 2.0 is Now Available; FIRST delivers training in Uganda, and the Western Balkans; Peter Lowe speaks about DNS Abuse at ICANN75 AGM in Kuala Lumpur; FIRST Chair Sherif Hashem participates in the Cyber Diplomacy and Norms panel at The Second Community of African Cyber Experts; The World Opens - FIRST Events Round Up; Special Interest Groups Update and New NETSEC SIG Formed; The Board meets in Davos; Board of Directors Organization and Roles for 2022/23; Twenty new members join FIRST

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Team (FIRST) has updated the globally renowned Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) for the cybersecurity industry - a vital system used by organizations all around the world to share sensitive information. The new version of the TLP results from a thorough consultation with over 50 security industry experts over three years with the goals to standardize, unify and modernize the content and language and provide improved supporting materials.

Annual FIRST Conference in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland, is a triumph; Dr. Sherif Hashem is the new Chair of FIRST, and four new members join the FIRST Board of Directors; Four new additions to the FIRST Board of Directors; The FIRST 2021-22 Annual Report is now available; FIRST adds a New Director of Community and Capacity Building to the team; 34 new members join FIRST;

New Director of IT & Security role to bolster FIRST’s Business Plan; Upcoming Technical Colloquia, Symposiums, and Annual Conference; Last chance to nominate individuals or teams for the Incident Response Hall of Fame; FIRST contributes to important global policy and governance discussions; Mentors sought for new FIRST Mentorship Program; Eleven more member teams join FIRST; FIRST Infrastructure Updates - New Application Process

Three new Special Interest Groups created by FIRST members; FIRST partcipates in several important UN actvites; 19 events organized in 2021 - registraton opens for FIRST Annual Conference in 2022; Twelve more member teams join FIRST