New Teams: May Update

30 teams and 11 liaison members were accepted into FIRST between January and April.

You can see the entire list here.

February 2023

  • Andreas Iacovou (Liaison), CY sponsored by CERT.LV
  • Bahrain National CERT (CERT BH), BH sponsored by OCERT and aeCERT
  • BeSOC Madrid, ES sponsored by NUNSYS-CERT and ERIS-CERT
  • BeSOC-Roma, IT sponsored by ERIS-CERT and NUNSYS-CERT
  • CERT Arteria, MX sponsored by Scitum-CERT and CERT-MX
  • CLEAR Fusion Center, US sponsored by CrowdStrike and UW SOC
  • Cparta CERT, SE sponsored by SUNET CERT and CERT-SE
  • Cyberpeace CSIRT (Cyberpeace IR Unit), MX sponsored by CERT-MX and CSIRT-RD
  • Entel Chile CSIRT, CL sponsored by CERTuy and Entel Peru CSIRT
  • Exclusive Networks Global SOC (EXN-GSOC), BE sponsored by PXS-CSIRT and Swisscom CSIRT
  • James Potter (Liaison), US sponsored by SWITCH-CERT
  • Jeroen van der Ham (Liaison), NL sponsored by NCSC-NL
  • Jordan Computer Emergency Response Team (JoCERT), JO sponsored by EG-CERT and OCERT
  • Jordyn C Coyne (Liaison), US sponsored by GIST
  • Orhan Osmani (Liaison), CH sponsored by SWITCH-CERT
  • Professionals of Intelligence-based Risk Assessment and Total Emergency Services (PIRATES), JP sponsored by JPCERT/CC and HIRT
  • Raja Jasper (Liaison), US sponsored by SWITCH-CERT
  • Seresco CSIRT (S-CSIRT), ES sponsored by INCIBE-CERT and CCN-CERT
  • Shield eXtreme Product Security Incident Response Team (ShieldX PSIRT), TW sponsored by TWCERT/CC and Onward CSC
  • TSMC Cybersecurity Incident Response Center (TSMC-CIRC), TW sponsored by CCCSIRT and TM-CSIRT
  • Uzbekistan Computer Emergency Response Team (UZCERT), UZ sponsored by JPCERT/CC and CERT.LV
  • Yoroi Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Team (CERT-Yoroi), IT sponsored by PI-CERT and Enel CERT

March 2023

  • Jamie Gillespie (Liaison), AU sponsored by AusCERT
  • LEPL Cyber Security Bureau (CSB) (GEO MIL CSIRT), GE sponsored by NKSC/CERT-LT and CERT.DGA.GOV.GE
  • Quanta Computer Security Incident Response Team (QUANTA-CSIRT ), TW sponsored by INX-CSIRT and Onward CSC
  • Rafael López Martínez (Liaison), ES sponsored by Citrix CSIRT
  • Robert Floodeen (Liaison), US sponsored by Juniper SIRT
  • ServiceNow PSIRT (PSIRTNow), US sponsored by AMD PSIRT and FPSIRT
  • SOC-CELSIA (SOCCELSIA), CO sponsored by S2 Grupo CERT and CSIRT-CV

April 2023

  • Canon Emea PSIRT (CANON EUROPE MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA ), GB sponsored by Santander Global CERT and SWRX CERT
  • CSIRT Panama, PA sponsored by CERT/CC and CSIRT-RD
  • Egyptian Financial Computing Incident Response Team (EG-FinCIRT), EG sponsored by NRD CIRT and LITNET CERT
  • Equipo de respuesta a incidentes Think Networks (CSIRT Think Networks), PE sponsored by CSIRT Telconet and BLUE HAT CERT
  • Ignacio Lagomarsino (Liaison), UY sponsored by CERTuy
  • JN Data Cyber Defence Center (JN DATA CDC), DK sponsored by Improsec CSIRT and Nordic Financial CERT
  • Monash University Cyber Security Incident Response Team (MON-CSIRT), AU sponsored by AusCERT and TechCERT
  • Nordstern Technologies´ Computer Security Incident Response Team (NST:CSIRT), MX sponsored by CERT-MX and S21sec CERT
  • Pál Ormos (Liaison), HU sponsored by NCSC Hungary
  • Unit of Financial Computer Emergency Response Team (Jo-FinCERT), JO sponsored by OCERT and EG-CERT

Published on FIRST POST: May-Jun 2023