During the event

While in Cisco Premises

Visitors and guests must wear a visitor badge. The badge will be issued to you upon arrival. A visitor should be escorted by a Cisco employee at all times and is kindly requested to sign the Visitors' Book at the reception desk - in case of an emergency any Visitor's presence will be checked and the Cisco ERT member will take care of him/her. In case of an emergency stick with your host and follow instructions.

Network Access

Wireless access will be provided for all atendees. A few wired interfaces will be available but it is strongly advised to use wireless. Cisco will not have spare wireless cards so make sure to bring your own. In order to use the wireless network you will be given an acces code. It will be valid for the whole duration of your stay or until the last day of the meeting, whichever is appropriate. If you decide to prolongue your stay, or in case you forget your access code, a new code will be issued.


Restaurants and Bars

Park View Restaurant serves the whole Cisco campus. It is open from 12:00 - 14:00 hours. It serves all types of food. Two bars, the Forest Espresso Bar and the Mountain Espresso Bar, are open from 08:30 - 17:00. They serve a variety of snack and sandwiches, coffee / expresso / cappuchino, muffins, brownies, donuts or warm rolls, dutch "tosti" and similar items.


Breakfast should be taken in the hotel. Providing that you arrange in advance with a Cisco host, you can have breakfast at Campus. Some finger food during breaks will be provided by Cisco. You are expected to pay for your lunch. It will be served in the main Campus restaurant where you can make your own choice.


You can pay with your guest card only. It will be sold to you during registration. The guest card's cost is ? 20. The guest card is used to pay for your meals or any other items purchased from restaurants or bars.


A lunch with a dessert can cost you between ? 5-8 so your guest card should be sufficient for the duration of the event. In a case that you empty your guest card prematurely it can be topped up on the machine in the Campus. Before leaving make sure to return your guest card into the same machine which will return you all unused money left on the card!