Travel Information

Reaching Amsterdam

The meeting place is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) is a main hub and thus easily reachable from all over the world. From the airport by far the most convenient way towards your hotel is by train to downtown Amsterdam. The trainstation "Schiphol" is integrated in the airport. Up to 7 times an hour trains leave for "Amsterdam CS" (Central Station). Tickets can be obtained from the yellow vending machines near the staircases leading down to the tracks (do not buy your ticket on the train - high fines!). As there are several destinations, and Amsterdam itself has more railway stations, please check the overhead display on the train platform to see if your train goes to Amsterdam Central Station.

If you come by international train, your destination will simply be Amsterdam Central Station.

In case you decide to come by car, be aware of the high public parking tariffs in town. You are advised to consult your hotel.


You don't need a taxi for this event - if you insist on taking one - read this first. Because of taxi-law liberalisation there is a divide in taxi drivers. Decent taxis can be engaged at the official booths at Schiphol airport (ask an Information desk if needed). Ignore taxi drivers trying to get you into their cab in the destination hall, or outside - the bad half of taxi drivers are an insult to traditional Dutch hospitality - being rude and charging double easily.

From Central Station to hotel

To the Crowne Plaza hotel it is a 200 m walk - marked in green on the map. Leave the station through the west exit on the city side (not the waterfront side). Keep the taxi area at your right and proceed over the bridge. Cross the (dual carriageway) street Prins Hendrikkade. Now you are in "Martelaarsgracht" which you follow at the left hand side. The street crosses the pedestrian-only "Nieuwendijk" and then is renamed into "Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal". Immediately after you find the hotel entrance at number 5.

To the event location

The events take place at the Cisco offices. These are easiest to reach by public transport. You simply start at Amsterdam Central Station again, a 200m walk from the hotel. You take the subway (Metro. see map) #54 to BULLEWIJK station, and then it is a 3 minute walk to the Cisco offices - see the local map (Cisco is right above, and BULLEWIJK just left above Cisco).

Alternatively you can take the train to AMSTERDAM BIJLMER station, and do a 10 minute walk to Cisco - or you take the special shuttle bus from the station that operates between 08:00 and 20:00 local time.

Those of you that come directly from Schiphol airport to the Cisco offices, alternatively take a direct train from Schiphol to DUIVENDRECHT. There too a special shuttle bus to the Cisco offices operates from 08:00 till 20:00.

The address is "Haarlerbergpark", Haarlerbergweg 13-19, Amsterdam (tel. +31-20-3571000). All other contact data and instructions on how to get there by car, see Cisco's find your way page. In case you do come by car, we have reserved parking space for you in the Cisco parking garage. Upon arrival, use the intercom to notify the reception desk. State your name and company name and tell the receptionist the reason for your visit (FIRST/TF-CSIRT event). The receptionist will further help you.

How to pay for the metro, trams and buses.

Be sure to buy a ticket before boarding the Metro, or your journey can end up expensive! All about buying tickets and fares are available here. You need to buy a "strippenkaart" - a strip ticket. It costs 4 strips to go from Central Station to BULLEWIJK. The most cost effective solution is usually to buy one or two 15 strip cards - because the 8 strip card is almost as expensive. With the metro, you stamp your ticket yourself before you enter the metro - the 4 strip journey to Cisco requires stamping the 4th strip (following on the last stamp). It's a bit of local color that is easy to pick up - just ask staff or fellow travellers for help if needed - most Dutch people speak English. (If you go for a ride in the heart of town - that is just 2 strips...)