General Information


The local time in Korea is in the GMT +9 (No daylight saving system in Korea) For current time of Seoul, please see the 'time and' web site.


Seoul belongs to the Temperate Zone featuring four distinctive seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. In September, it would be autumn and will be very mild. September is one of the best time frames to visit Korea seeing high and sky-blue clear skies. For current weather information, please visit the world weather information service.

City tour

City bus tours are sufficient to catch some awesome historical sites and tourist attractions in Seoul. For detailed please visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government website.

The DMZ tour is also very recommended tour in Korea, which will take at least half-day to full day tour.



There are many taxis readily available. There are additional 20% charges from midnight until 4 am.


The subway is considered the most effective traffic system in Seoul.

The lines are well developed and you can find most of Seoul's attractions such as royal palaces, historical sites and theme parks along the eight different lines. For detailed information on subway lines, please take a look at the subway map in Seoul Metropolitan Government website. bway.asp?lang=eng


Service charge of 10% is generally added to the bill. Tipping is neither common nor encouraged in Korea.