Travelling to Seoul

Seoul is located in the center of the Korean Peninsula, and Han River flowing across the city from east to west. It belongs in the Temperate Zone with an average yearly temperature of 11.8 degree Celsius. Seoul is a city of 600 years of history, where major functions of the nation such as politics, economy, education, and culture are concentrated, and ancient cultural relics are scattered around the Han River basin.

The total area of Seoul is 605.52 square kilometers, or 0.6 percent of the entire country. The Hangang (River) bisects the city into two parts: northern part ( Gangbuk ) and southern one (Gangnam). The Gangbuk area totals 297.97 square kilometers while Gangnam is 307.55 square kilometers.

Has a population of about 10 million as of the end of 2003. This accounts for about a quarter of the total national population. Since Seoul became the capital of the nation in 1394, the population of Seoul has grown 110 times.

Detailed Information regarding visa rules can be found at the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Website. /me06_02.jsp

Anyone who needs an official invitation letter for visa process, please contact the KrCERT/CC secretariat ( with your full name and organization.