Social Event

We invite all attendees to attend a Social on Tuesday evening at 20:00 sponsored by Telefonica.

Montjuïc El Xalet
31 Avenida Miramar, Barcelona, Spain
93 324 9270

The restaurant Montjuïc El Xalet, unique in Barcelona, is placed on the emblematic mountain of Montjuïc, called the Jewish Mount, at the 31 of Miramar Avenue. With its spectacular views of Barcelona, the restaurant, which was inaugurated in 2004, is located next to the swimming pools of the 1992 Olympic Games, and in front of the funicular and the singular telepheric that carries to the top of the mountain and to Montjuïcs castle.

Its exquisite decorations, makes Montjuïc El Xalet a privileged place for its clients. With a window of big dimensions that allows watching the mesenteries of the restaurants kitchens, it combines the warm style with modern and elegant touches.

Proof of it is its great panoramic terrace and a spinning room from where it is possible to enjoy of spectacular views, together with private lounges. Mediterranean and Catalan dishes with author's touches, respecting the traditional flavours and the raw materials.