FIRST Global Initiatives 2007

Debate the challenges of transnational ethics and safety and learn how to transform yourself technically, politically, legally and efficiently into a truly global force for Internet security at the 20th Annual FIRST Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

SIG members took forward projects like whitelisting known-good large mailservers, and the concept of feedback-loops. The workshop, well-attended by an enthusiastic number of members, also initiated steps towards a new relationship with the APWG.

By defining measures for effectiveness, identifying appropriate performance metrics, and determining appropriate approaches for evaluating systems, this metrics SIG aims to improve CSIRT incident management practices within the FIRST community.

Seville Spain – June 20, 2007: Millions of computer users worldwide will enjoy more secure virtual experiences and transactions with the advent today of CVSSv2 – the latest version of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System.

A new SIG is being established to bring together interested members in the FIRST community to discuss and identify approaches for evaluating CSIRTs and incident management practices within FIRST.

Matta, who joins the FIRST Sponsorship Team this year, will participate at the Vendor Booths and Beer 'n Gear, along with other sponsors. There are still sponsorship opportunities available, please visit the Conference Sponsorship web page.