FIRST Global Initiatives 2006

Several sites provide easy ways to get CVSS scores. The major ones are listed on the SIG website.

The four newest SIGs (Abuse Handling, Artifact Analysis, Law Enforcement/CSIRT Cooperation and Network Monitoring) and the FIRST SIG framework establish new channels for discussion on security.

Plenary Sessions, Security Workshop and FIRST/TRANSITS Course program are available on FIRST website. The TC will be held in October 7-12th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

FIRST community has identified 4 new SIGs: Abuse Handling SIG, Artifact Analysis SIG, Law Enforcement/CSIRT Cooperation SIG and Network Monitoring SIG. More information are available in Global Initiatives

Private Lives and Corporate Risk - have a glimpse on what's coming next year in Seville, Spain. Call for papers and Sponsorship opportunities are available at the conference website.