FIRST in the News 2015

DigitalNewsAsia – Fortinet security expert Derek Manky discusses working with FIRST for about four years, setting up non-commercial intelligence exchange with appropriate stakeholders.

BlueKaizen – an interview with Maarten Van Horenbeeck, former chair and Board member of FIRST, discussing the benefits for an organization to join, and how the organization contributes to dealing with complex security incidents.

Ghana News Agency – FIRST and AfricaCERT organize a two-day training workshop and regional symposium on cyber security on the team, “Joining Forces to Promote Cyber Security in Africa”.

Estadão (Portuguese) – FIRST Board member Maarten Van Horenbeeck is interviewed on the impact of security vulnerabilities on an ever growing and more interconnected internet.

CircleID — This article in CircleID covered how the Internet Society and the Internet Architecture Board developed and hosted a one-day “Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale (CARIS) Workshop” at the FIRST Conference in Berlin, June 19th of 2015.