What's New 2010

This month we would like to welcome five new members from around the globe. Thank you to all of the applicants and their sponsors: Scott McIntyre (liaison) sponsored by KPN-CERT; Packet Clearing House (PCH), USA sponsored by Team Cymru and Cisco PSIRT; Computer Security Incident Response Team First National Bank (FNB), South Africa sponsored by SURFcert and AAB GCIRT; Huawei Network Security Incident Response Team (Huawei NSIRT), China sponsored by CNCERT/CC and CMCERT/CC; Korea Education and Research Information Service KERIS (ECSC), Republic of Korea sponsored by KrCERT/CC and MyCERT.

Please welcome the newest FIRST teams: mnemonic Incident Response Team (mIRT) sponsored by NorCERT and UNINETT and The University of Warwick Computer Security Investigation and Incident Response Team (WAR-CSIIRT) sponsored by OxCERT and Team Cymru.

The United Arab Emirates Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) sponsored by Symantec CERT (SymCERT) and MyCERT and Internet Identity (IID), USA sponsored by Boeing (BCERT) and AusCERT.

FIRST would like to thank contributors from the following companies who helped review the latest draft of ISO "vulnerability disclosure" document: SAP; Ricoh; Nokia; SGI; Juniper; Cisco; IBM; Intel; Microsoft; NTT. If you would like to get involved in ISO work please contact first-sec@first.org

FIRST would like to welcome the new members of the FIRST Steering Committee and FIRST.org Inc Board of Directors: Robert Schischka of CERT.at (Austria) and Reneaué Railton of Cisco (USA). We would also like to welcome back our re-elected members: Chris Gibson of Citi CIRT (USA/UK), Pete Allor of IBM (USA) and Steve Adegbite of Microsoft (USA) who was re-elected as the SC Chair.

Continuing for another year will be Kurt Sauer of Spinlock Technologies (Japan), Tom Mullen of BT (UK), Yurie Ito of ICANN/JPCERT/CC (Japan), Ken van Wyk of KRvW Associates (USA) and Jordi Aguila of e-LC CSIRT (Spain).

Special thanks to Jeff Boerio of Intel for interest in running -- and to Derrick Scholl and Scott McIntyre for their years of service to FIRST!

Korea Financial Information Sharing & Analysis Center (KF/ISAC), Korea sponsored by KrCERT/CC and JPCERT/CC

Panasonic PSIRT, Japan sponsored by CDI-CIRT and Cisco PSIRT

DnB NOR Security Incident Response Team (DnB NOR IRT), Norway sponsored by NorCERT and ABNAMRO

KDDI Security Operations Center (KDDI-SOC), Japan sponsored by JPCERT/CC and CDI-CIRT

World Bank Group Office of Information Security Incident Response (OISIR), USA sponsored by Sun Microsystems, and Citi CIRT

Neustar Computer Emergency Response Team (NeuCERT), USA sponsored by CERT/CC, USA and Juniper SIRT

The Corporate Executive Programme just completed another successful Annual Global Risk Summit at Gleneagles Resort in Perthshire, Scotland. Member companies from McAfee, Unilever, Diageo, Erudine, Eads, and many others were in attendance. Some of the topics discussed included Web 2.0 Architecture and Understanding Risk and Reward in the 21st Century. Clive Room of Portcullis wrote a blog after the meeting that he would like to share. It can be found at http://www.portcullis-security.com/344.php or at http://www.portcullis-security.com/18.php by clicking on CEP Summit 2010. Please visit www.globalcep.com for more information.

BANELCO Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRTBANELCO) of Argentina; General Electric Computer Incident Response Team (GE-CIRT) of the USA and Oman National CERT, Sultanate of Oman. We would also like to thank the sponsoring teams: ArCERT, CSIRT Antel; NGFIRST, NCSA-IRST; MyCERT and SingCERT. We'd also like to welcome back the Israeli Government CERT CERTGOVIL!

CERT Estonia (CERT-EE) sponsored by SI-CERT and CERT-FI; HSBC Rapid Emergency Action Crisis Team (REACT), USA sponsored by Citi CIRT and Goldman Sachs and Trustwave SpiderLabs CIRT (TWSL-CIRT), USA sponsored by NU-CERT and IBM. Please join us in welcoming the new teams and thanking their sponsors!

FIRST would like to welcome Neustar to the 2010 Sponsorship Team! Neustar joins us as a Gold Sponsor and will also be exhibiting at the conference. This is Neustar's first time sponsoring the Annual FIRST Conference.

The CEP has released the dates and locations of their next 6 upcoming events. The CEP will hold its Annual 2 day Global Risk Summit at Gleneagles, Scotland this May 5-7, 2010. Four 1 day events will be held throughout the remainder of the year in the UK and the USA. For more event details and information about CEP, please visit www.globalcep.com.

This is a great opportunity to participate and be a part of the conference, please send your suggestions to Peter Allor at peter.allor@first.org. The theme winner will receive a complimentary registration to the 2011 conference. Suggestions are due by March 31st and the winner will be announced in April. And mark your calendars for attending the conference. The dates are June 12 to 17, 2011!

FIRST would like to welcome and thank two new exhibitors to the 22nd Annual FIRST Conference – DHS National Cyber Security Division’s Control Systems Security Program (CSSP) and NetWitness. This will be their first time exhibiting at the Annual FIRST Conference.

CERT BWI (Germany) sponsored by CERTBw (CERT German Armed Forces) and Siemens CERT; Computer Emergency Response Team of the Swiss Government (GovCERT.ch), Switzerland sponsored by CERT-Bund and IP+ CERT; Research In Motion, Corporate Security - Information Security Operations Centre (RIM CS-ISOC), Canada sponsored by TDBFG CSIRT and Bell IPCR; CERT Societe Generale (CERT SG), France sponsored by CERTA and dbCERT.

FIRST has established relationships with both ISO and ITU-T and is active in both organizations. Collective expertise of FIRST members is invaluable contribution to both standardization organizations as it provides an unique practitioners' view to the proposed standards and recommendations. Please view our new pages at http://www.first.org/global/standardisation/ for more information on areas where FIRST contributes to ISO and ITU-T.