What's New 2015

FIRST has formed the Red Teaming SIG. Interested participants who are part of an existing Red Team or in the process of forming one should send a request to be added to the mail list to first-sec@first.org

Com a proliferação de objetos conectados à nuvem, de lâmpadas a automóveis, esperada para os próximos anos, especialistas de cibersegurança alertam para o aumento significativo de riscos à privacidade e segurança dos consumidores

The 2015 Fellowship Program participants at the Annual FIRST Conference in Berlin, Germany, meeting with Fellowship program coordinator Adli Wahid, outgoing Chairman Maarten Van Horenbeeck and incoming Chair Margrete Raaum, as well as Directors Mike Murray and Gaus Rajnovic.

FIRST, the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams, has paired up with 4SICS, the premium summit in Northern Europe for security in SCADA, SMARTGRID, and INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SYSTEMS. The second annual international summit takes place in October 2015 (20-22) in Stockholm, Sweden, with a series of high-level presentations and tutorials delivered by international experts in the field of cyber security in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems.

The Vulnerability Coordination SIG has been established to improve the way in which the increasingly multi-faceted and multi-stakeholder challenge of vulnerability information coordination is met, and to develop a common and consistent methodology for how coordination becomes more effective.

CircleID — This article in CircleID covered how the Internet Society and the Internet Architecture Board developed and hosted a one-day “Coordinating Attack Response at Internet Scale (CARIS) Workshop” at the FIRST Conference in Berlin, June 19th of 2015.