What's New 2011

If you’d like your talk to be considered for the 24th Annual FIRST Conference, “Security is Not an Island,” please turn in your submissions no later than Friday, December 16th. The official Call for Speakers Letter from 2012 Program Chair, Dr. Jose Nazario can be found at http://conference.first.org/cfs. The submission form is located towards the bottom of the letter.

Welcome to the updated FIRST Website. As you can see, we've given the site a new look and feel (and made some backend updates as well). If you have any questions about the new site - please contact first-sec@first.org.

Please welcome new teams from the Abu Dhabi Police CERT sponsored by aeCERT and ETISALAT-CERT and TechCERT, Sri Lanka sponsored by JPCERT/CC and Team Cymru!

Please welcome our new teams Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc. Security Incident Response Team (MBSD-SIRT), Japan sponsored by JPCERT/CC and HIRT. Also, Cámara Colombiana de Informática y Telecomunicaciones CSIRT-CCIT (Colombian Informatics and Telecommunications Chamber), Colombia sponsored by NeuCERT and CSIRT ANTEL. We also have a new liaison member - Ruediger Riediger of Germany who was sponsored by PRE-CERT. A special thanks to their sponsoring teams as well!

Please welcome the following SEVEN teams and join us in thanking their sponsors who have worked so hard to help bring them into the FIRST Community!

• Equipo de Respuesta a incidentes de Seguridad de la Información del CCG de MAPFRE (MAPFRE-CCG-CERT, ES) sponsored by CCN-CERT (ES) and IRIS-CERT (ES)

• CERT.GOV.AZ Computer Emergency Response Team (AZ) sponsored by CERT-UA (UA) and RU-CERT (RU)

• CERT-MX (MX) sponsored by IRIS-CERT (ES) and e-LC CSIRT (ES)

• Telefonica CSIRT(ES) sponsored by IRIS-CERT (ES) and e-LC CSIRT (ES)

• TP CERT - Telekomunikacja Polska Computer Emergency Response Team (PL) sponsored by CERT POLSKA (PL) and Team Cymru (US)

• Singapore Infocomm Technology Security Authority Incident Response Team SITSA-IRT, (SG) sponsored by SingCERT (SG) and SAFCERT (SG)

• NGRID (UK) sponsored by Team Cymru (US) and Citi CIRT (US)

FIRST would like to welcome the following new teams: FortiGuard (Canada) sponsored by Adobe and IBM; Facebook (USA) sponsored by Paypal and e-Bay and Danish GovCERT (Denmark) sponsored by NorCERT and DK-CERT.

Congratulations to the winners of this year's SC Election: · Jordi Aguila (e-LC CSIRT, La Caixa) · Ken van Wyk (Kenneth R. van Wyk, KRvW Associates, LLC) · Maarten Van Horenbeeck (MSCERT, Microsoft) · Margrete Raaum (UiO-CERT, University of Oslo Computer Emergency Response Team) . Suguru Yamaguchi (JPCERT/CC, Graduate School of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JAPAN).

They will join those SC members whose terms continue until the 2012 AGM: · Chris Gibson, Chair (Citi, US/UK)
· Peter Allor, Treasurer (IBM, US) · Reneaué Railton (Cisco, US)
· Robert Schischka (CERT.at, AT) · Steve Adegbite (Adobe, US)

FIRST would like to welcome three new teams and thank their sponsors: S21sec CERT (Spain) sponsored by IRIS-CERT and INTECO-CERT; NTTDATA-CERT (Japan) sponsored by NTT-CERT and JPCERT/CC; and CERT-PT (Portugal) sponsored by IRIS-CERT and CERT.br.

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) is holding its 23rd Annual Conference this June (12th-17th) in the imperial city of Vienna, Austria. Reflecting FIRST’s mission for global cooperation, the five day conference will bring together leading experts from around the world to share best practice and the latest thinking around this year’s theme; Security Lessons: What can history teach us?

FIRST would like to welcome the Department of Justice, Security Operations Center (JSOC) DOJCERT as it’s newest member team. Special thanks to sponsors GE-CIRT and DOE-CIRC.

FIRST would like to welcome the following teams and thank their sponsors: PayPal Incident Response Team (PayPal IRT) and eBay Global Information Security Monitoring and Response Team (eBay CERT) both sponsored by Adobe and IBM; JACKSECURITY Incident Response Team (JACKSIRT), Peru sponsored by Juniper SIRT and Team Cymru; Equip de Resposta d'Incidents del Centre de Seguretat de la Informació de Catalunya (Information Security Centre of Catalonia (CESICAT-CERT)), Spain sponsored by La Caixa and CCN-CERT; and ICANN CIRT sponsored by CERT.at and SWITCH-CERT.