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The Vendor SIG is currently running as a discussion group and is not striving to provide any deliverable in written form, such as a standard or best practices document.

Previously released documents

Guidelines for Vendor Coordinators relationship

The document "Guidelines for Vendor-Coordinators Relationship" represents the best practice, as the industry sees it, in the area of product vulnerability coordination. More specifically it covers multi-vendor coordination on the world-wide scale.

The document is the product of collaboration of Vendor SIG members and external vulnerability coordinators. Coordinators that have been consulted in the production of this document are:

An update to this document is currently not in motion. However, if you are interested in vulnerability coordination, we suggest to check out the Vulnerability Coordination SIG.

View the Guidelines for Vendor - Coordinators relationship in PDF format (148 KB)

Revision history:
2006-Oct-19 Version 1.0 Initial public release